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All About Yellowstone Capital's ACH Program

Yellowstone Capital Bank-Only ACH

Yellowstone Capital explains their bank-only ACH merchant cash advance program

Often, when it comes time to get some extra funding for their business, many small business owners think their only option for financing is a traditional business loan through a bank. And while those are still an option for getting extra cash, they come with a lot of hassles. Inflexible terms, strict repayment options, and lengthy approval times are quickly making a bank small business loan a less appealing option for small business owners who need extra financing fast.

Yellowstone has the perfect solution: our ACH Merchant Cash Advance program. Designed as a fast and simple alternative to small business loans, a bank-only ACH can get you the money you need right when you need it most, without all the headaches.

The biggest advantage that merchant cash advances (also known as a MCA) can offer are flexibility in repayment. Instead of a hard and fast amount due every month, a merchant cash advance is repaid by taking a fixed percentage of your daily sales at the end of every business day. This means no surprises for you, and no worrying about coming up with your pre-determined monthly payment amount.

Yellowstone offers further advantages when it comes to merchant cash advances, too. Most MCA providers require you to process credit card transactions and only takes repayment through credit card sales and not overall sales, or sales with other payment types. Our ACH program is bank-only, meaning that your sales are deposited into a specified bank account and a small predetermined percentage of these sales are taken out at regular intervals, no matter how the sale was completed. This helps to take a load off your mind by making sure you can always afford your monthly payment by custom-tailoring it to the sales of your business.

And since Yellowstone is essentially buying a portion of your future sales, this means a potentially higher advance for you. Depending on your business’ eligibility, you may be able to get an unsecured cash advance of up to one million dollars. Furthermore, to ensure your business is given exactly the right amount of capital, Yellowstone works with an ever-growing number of in-house funders which can present you with a variety of funding offers and options to choose from, allowing you to choose the perfect financing option to fit the needs of your business.

If your business needs a quick injection of cash to seize some new business opportunity, Yellowstone is the creative business financing outlet your business needs. Curious to see how easy it can be? Apply for a merchant cash advance today with Yellowstone Capital and get the money you need for your business’ success.