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Make Creative Funding Solutions Possible With Yellowstone

Any ISO can take care of an A or B paper deal for a merchant with good credit. It takes a special kind of ISO to be able to handle a more difficult deal that doesn’t have a simple, straightforward answer. But as a Yellowstone ISO, you are no ordinary ISO because you have the freedom to think outside of the box to handle the most unconventional deals.

Schools don’t operate in the same way many merchants do. They often don’t have a consistent stream of income throughout the year. Instead, they might have an influx of payments at the beginning of a semester when students pay their tuition or they might get funding from the state at certain intervals. In any case, they need a little extra flexibility that most funders can’t or won’t offer.

This is exactly the type of situation Avi Dahan, one of our ISO reps, recently encountered. He had been working with a school for autistic children and at first, he set them up with a pretty standard deal. But when it came time to renew their deal, he found out it would be better for the school if we could collect on the credit cards the school receives paid from the state on a quarterly basis instead.

As you know, in our industry, we typically collect on a daily basis so this was definitely an unusual situation. There’s no way most funders would have touched this kind of deal. But since Yellowstone offers the flexibility our ISOs need to get deals done, Avi was able to figure out a plan where the school could make daily payments so they could get the cash flow they need, but Yellowstone would also be able to collect a percentage of the quarterly credit card deposits they get from the state.

Yellowstone ISOs have the incredible amount of flexibility needed to get more deals taken care of, no matter how unbankable a deal might seem. Thanks to our team of 17 in-house funders, we have an approval rate of over 90%.