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Meet the Man Behind Yellowstone's Record-Setting Deal

We never get tired of hearing about the incredible things our ISOs are doing. When faced with a deal most funders would say is impossible, you don’t take “no” for an answer. You’re out there making even the most unbankable of deals happen. Difficult industries, tax liens, overdrawn bank accounts, you name it, there’s no situation our ISOs can’t handle thanks to their ability to work with Yellowstone.

Gil Markson, one of our Yellowstone ISO reps, just recently took Yellowstone’s unsurpassed flexibility to a whole new level by using it to take care of the largest deal Yellowstone has ever funded!

Gil was working with a New Jersey-based recycling company that would send scrap metal to Virginia to be processed before shipping it overseas. Having a factory in Europe would make the company’s operations much more efficient, so when the owner had the chance to buy a factory in Germany, he didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

The factory the owner was looking to buy was a short sale, so he could get an excellent price on it. He was able to put up $9M of his own money, but he still needed more funds. Unfortunately, this situation was literally unbankable. European banks wouldn’t work with an American business and American banks wouldn’t work with a business looking to set up shop overseas.

Then the company’s owner talked to Gil and everything changed. Gil was able to get the merchant a $1.5M unsecured advance with 18 month terms through Yellowstone. The business owner got their factory and cut down on their operating expenses. The recycling company is also now even more environmentally friendly by cutting down on the amount of shipping they do.

Don’t put off working on those tough deals. Send your C and D paper deals to Yellowstone and start getting results. We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to the deals that come to us. With so many in-house funders, you’ll get several different options just by sending them to one place. What are you waiting for?

Contact Gil Markson at GMarkson@Yellowstonecapllc.com or (718) 226-0155.