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Think Creatively With Yellowstone

Virtually every rule has exceptions, but most funders refuse to believe this. Lots of merchants with strong ideas for how to improve their businesses in the long run can be turned down by most funding providers if they don’t fit into a neat little box. But at Yellowstone, we love it when our ISOs think outside of the box.

As you know, there are certain things that will make most other funding companies automatically decline a deal. An overdrawn bank account is one of those things. Jonathan Aryeh, one of Yellowstone’s ISO reps, recently had a merchant in this exact situation. In this case, the merchant was an insurance agency looking to get some extra money for better advertising. This was a very smart thing for the merchant to look for extra funding for. With that extra funding, they’d be able to boost their business and get their bank account out of the red and help stabilize their business in the long term.

But because they had an overdrawn bank account, most funders refused to hear the insurance agency out. They took their case to several other funders and were rejected by every single one of them. Then they came to Jonathan, who actually took the time to listen to their plan. He understood how this was a sound business move and used his connection with Yellowstone to get them the funding they needed.

Even though it was a high-risk deal, Jonathan made it happen. You can make your high-risk deals happen, too. All you have to do is send them to Yellowstone and your deals will be reviewed by each of our 17 in-house funders, so you’ll get several different answers by coming to one place. We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to approving deals and several of our in-house funders specialize in high-risk deals. No matter how unbankable you think a deal is, send it to Yellowstone. We get results.

Contact Jonathan Aryeh at jaryeh@yellowstonecapllc.com or (516) 345-1252.