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Yellowstone Has the Options You Need to Stay Ahead of the Competition

You might have noticed competition heating up lately. As our industry grows, new funders are setting up shop daily. What many ISOs are discovering is the best way to beat them is offer more options for funding, and get creative when it comes to structuring different deals to accommodate different types of clients.

Juan Monegro is a Yellowstone ISO rep who knows first hand just how valuable it can be to have access to the variety of options that Yellowstone offers. He works with all sorts of deals, ranging from A and B paper deals to ones that are very high risk, even by C and D paper standards.

Some of the merchants he works with have tax liens, low credit scores, overdrawn bank accounts, and multiple other current cash advances taken out; all things that would be an automatic rejection with most funders. But since Yellowstone Capital has 17 in-house funders, 3 of whom specialize in high-risk deals, Juan has been able to successfully take care of even the hardest deals.

Recently, Juan had a merchant who was behind on their rent. Not only was he able to work out a deal to help the merchant, he worked out a deal that helped the merchant’s landlord, too. Half the funds went straight to the merchant and the other half went to the landlord, bringing the merchant up to date. That’s how far we’ll go to structure the right deal for your merchants. That’s what sets our ISOs apart from the competition.

We always love to hear about the amazing deals our Yellowstone ISOs make happen so business owners can keep their doors open. When you send a deal to Yellowstone, each of our 17 in-house funders gives their own decision, virtually guaranteeing at least one approval. We currently have an approval rate of over 90%, so when you partner with Yellowstone, you’ll get results.

Yellowstone Capital has a track record of success funding even the most unbankable of deals. So grab those seemingly impossible deals and let’s get to work!